Circle Catchless Pierce
Circle Catchless Pierce
Circle Catchless Pierce
Circle Catchless Pierce
Circle Catchless Pierce
Circle Catchless Pierce

Circle Catchless Pierce

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Circle Catchless Pierce

in the piercing hole Catchless earrings that just twirl,
It's easy to put on even on busy mornings.
Another great thing is that you don't have to worry about losing the catch.
They are small and comfortable to wear, and are recommended for those who don't like heavy earrings.

We have two types of motifs: zircon and butterfly.

Because it is all silver999 material,
Even people with metal allergies can enjoy it.


Motif diameter: 5mm
Post thickness: 0.8mm
Post length (excluding motif): Approx. 2.5cm
weight Approximately 0.5g
important point

■Actual color may differ from the posted photo depending on your monitor environment.

■Even materials that are generally considered to be resistant to metal allergies may not cause allergic reactions in all people. Thank you for your understanding.

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